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Our Wealth Planning Guide is a dynamic repository of information on the art of wealth planning. It is regularly updated with fresh insights – showcasing our work, conferences, publications, and events.

We are driven by a strong passion for continuous learning and development. We are enthusiastic about openly sharing our knowledge and experience, together with carefully chosen industry leaders.

Our aim is to promote holistic, purpose-driven wealth planning to a wider audience, in the spirit of reciprocity and collaboration.

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Picturesque Aphorisms

Why should I invest in creating my wealth plan?

Creating wealth is just the beginning. We explore how to navigate it for generations to come.

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The importance of checks and balances in wealth planning

First things first: what are the governance and control mechanisms of your wealth plan? We explore the importance of a robust system.

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Does your wealth plan consider and strengthen your important relationships?

Why a strong wealth plan should balance tactical planning tools with emotional bonds.

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Is unresolved conflict obstructing your succession planning?

Why recognising and managing family ties is critical to realising your intentions for your planning

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Hidden motives: is a gift ever just a gift?

On the art of giving, the hidden costs of generosity, and how it can foster a sense of entitlement or stewardship

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The search for entrepreneurial equilibrium: how founders can achieve true work-life balance

Balancing an entrepreneurial spirit with personal well-being is a dynamic journey. It requires a blend of strategic self-care, robust relationships, and mindful adaptation

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Shattering successions: King Lear’s lessons for business handovers

Who gets a share and say in the family business?
We explore the principles and governance of dividing a business

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When does financial wealth teach us the wrong lessons?

In a world of deals and transactions, we expand our notion of the meaning of wealth

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Trusting in a rapidly changing world:
managing risks and diversification for wealth planning

The world is full of unpredictability. We unpack the essential strategies for mitigating risk across geopolitical, asset, and personal dimensions

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Premature inheritances: the pitfalls of asset transfer without strategic wealth planning

Premature inheritances are intended to guard against threats. But without strategic wealth planning, they can disrupt business operations, family harmony, and important relationships

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Decoding Wealth

The Conduct Formula

The power of a mathematical formula

Introducing the Conduct Formula – and how it helps wealth owners create a wealth plan that aligns with their purpose

The strength of purposeful planning

Using the Conduct Formula to explore different family perspectives, and find common purpose for a harmonious wealth transition

The journey from family conversation to family constitution

Exploring how families can align their goals and objectives through family retreats and constitutions

The Family Legacy Cycle

Embracing the Family Legacy Cycle to move beyond “Post-Signing Blues”

It’s common for families to experience difficulties after signing a family constitution. By understanding and embracing these hurdles, they can build resilience to appreciate more fully the journey ahead

The Family Wealth Navigator

Engineering generational prosperity with the Family Wealth Navigator

By integrating adaptive asset allocation with forward-thinking insight, families are able to gain clarity, predictability, and strategy over their wealth

The Purpose of Wealth Model

Transforming family goals into reality

Learn how the Purpose of Wealth Model uses “asset algorithms” to turn long-term goals into concrete action

Harmonising financial stewardship and legacy planning

Learn how the synergy of our Family Wealth Navigator and Purpose of Wealth Model can provide families with a comprehensive, actionable wealth plan

Perceptions and purpose

The role of trusts in modern wealth planning

Trusts are an oft-misunderstood planning tool

Discover how they can help wealth owners fulfil the purpose of their wealth plan – from protecting wealth for the future to contributing to society

Conduct Conversations

Women and wealth planning

A more active role awaits

Why female wealth owners should take a more active role in wealth and succession planning

How female wealth owners can take a more active role in wealth and succession planning

Defining the destination

Why families should avoid designing their wealth plan around short-term events – and focus instead on their ultimate destination

Preparing for the top of the mountain

Why preparing the young adults of wealthy families for future responsibilities is too important to be left to chance

Giving while living

We spoke to philanthropist John Wood on why finding meaningful, impactful causes is key to unlocking the joy of philanthropy

Writing the next chapter

Exploring the challenges and the opportunities that come when an entrepreneur exits their business

Defining your reward philosophy

Rewards can motivate, or demotivate. They can bring a business together, or pull it apart. We explore how entrepreneurs should think about rewards to drive their business forward

Appetite for risk

Political, economic, legal: all investment carries risk. We explore how a holistic, strategic approach can help mitigate it

The future is coming

The age of Excel spreadsheets is coming to an end. We spoke to expert Franz Angermann about what shared offices and digital platforms mean for the future of family offices

Beyond financial affluence

We spoke to serial entrepreneur Jayesh Parekh about the different dimensions of wealth – and how he devotes his resources to pursuing them

Growing up and going strong

The challenges and opportunities that come with growing up in an entrepreneurial family – and how to navigate them