Every wealth owner has a different purpose for their wealth plan. Some want to protect their wealth, or safeguard their legacy. Others want to prepare a new generation for new responsibility.

Whatever your purpose, we create and implement the wealth plan to match. We do this with expertise, experience, and empathy. By balancing strategic recommendations with practical impact.

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, we’re a highly-skilled, long-standing team. We have complementary focus areas, united by shared values. Together, we help wealth owners navigate the complexities – technical and emotional – of wealth planning.

Because it isn’t our purpose we fulfil.
It’s yours.

The Conduct Formula

Our formula to help wealth owners create a wealth plan to
match their purpose

Where LQ is Legacy Quality, W is wealth (financial, physical, emotional, intellectual, social) and R are the relationships

The Balanced Conductor

How we help wealth owners focus on the important issues –
and take balanced decisions

Our guiding principles

How we work as a team, and as your long-term wealth
planning and trust partner


We listen before we speak

We don’t come with preconceived ideas about what’s important to you. We listen with an open mind, and a keen ear.
We collaborate together, so you can be confident in your plan. It’s how we tailor a long-term solution to really meet your needs and purpose.


We help unlock the meaning behind your wealth

What does my wealth mean? How can I create a legacy that benefits my family, community, and planet? We help answer those questions, and find a plan to match your purpose. The result: a happier, healthier relationship with your wealth, and your loved ones.


We bring balance to your wider team of experts

No partner can possibly do it all. When the time is right, we call on a range of different experts, across different disciplines. As a key point of contact, we orchestrate your wealth planning efficiently and cohesively.


We act as a consistent, reliable partner

We’re a team of experts, with over a decade of experience working together. So wealth owners can count on the same consistent, highly-skilled service – year after year.